The Social Feed 

2021, I’ve decided to clean up my social media feeds from all my exciting accounts and bring that information over to this space. I’ve requested my data and will be re-uploading them onto this feed. Networks such as Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook which I was an early adopter to, no longer provide a positive atmosphere to healthily share my life. The idea that these companies use our posts as data mining opportunities to sell to advertisers, is no longer something I'm willing to tolerate. I won’t be quitting social media altogether as I've made too many connections and the work I do heavily relies on virtual connections and habits, but I will limit the amount of information these demagogues can use in their favor. As time allows I hope to update this space to be utilized as an interactive space where others can share their thoughts with me for now, this space will now serve as a media feed and photo diary separate from my journal where I can explain my thoughts. Mobile and analog snapshops, quick studies, art made via mobile devices and ai will live here. I hope to see a more decentralized world wide web one day but for now, this is what feels right to me.