Hector Gomez is a NYC based artist.

Born in 1989 to Mexican immigrant parents, Hector spent most of his childhood in the family-owned clothing production factory in Echo Park, Los Angeles. He also spent that time taking pictures with a One-Step Polaroid camera, documenting family life.

With a family background in textiles and an interest in photography, Hector studied at the Academy of Art University of San Francisco.

The forces that inform Hector’s work are varying but equal in their respective pull. Growing up in an environment where craft and making was the center of life, experiencing a large family community and learning the history of his direct family's migration from Jalisco to Los Angeles over generations. The rise of new technologies and new ways of communicating, all while growing into his queerness and navigating these multidimensional cultural spaces at once.

The work is one extensive love letter to photography and textiles.

Hector currently resides in Queens NY, exploring chemical,digital and volumetric photography, textile weaving techniques, sound production, binary code and how they can all coexist.