South Lake Tahoe
This past week I was in South Lake Tahoe for a week working with a client and I was just taken back by the beauty of it all.For most of my teenage life, I lived about 80 miles away and rarely visited, usually just in passing,maybe just for the weekend but staying for as long as I did really made me miss life out in the rural parts of California. One thing I could not get on board with was how slow everything is. Slow traffic, slow cell service and everyone's aloof attitude towards life. I think i'm still too much of a city dweller.

I used some of the images I took straight from my iphone through a digital weaving software I came across a few weeks back(more on that later as i'm trying to rebuild the code and make it better). Take a look....


I haven't been very proactive making personal work lately, due to the fact that I’m doing more work for my company paid job. I’ve been traveling a lot too and it’s given me a lot to think about in that time. I also just moved into a new home and home studio and i’ve finally finished setting it all up.
Sitting down and getting back to it is hard, because for a while i’ve just been exercising  my weaving muscles and not really thinking about the meaning behind the subject matter- on a deeper level.
I’ve been working on a few new pieces, weaving found images from old text books and vintage Honcho magazine pages. I’m interested in this subject matter because of the unspoken underside of gay culture. The desire to need and want, fit,tall,masculine and white partners is destroying the community's ability to progress. I’m also interested in social media platforms censorship of queer content. Unless the content is watered down and palatable for a global “straight” audience, the platform will not push your content to your network. So, these exercises  are also being used to push and question the platforms censorship regulations.


So have been experimenting with this app named CappyAR. Cappy, Allows you to create 3D models quickly with the iPhone X OR browse and view them in AR with other compatible devices.
Now my background is in traditional photography and  i'm still learning all about photogrammetry and computational photography. I’m interested in the ontology of photography and where photogrammetry fits in the narrative of the photographic image. I know that a camera can capture what we perceive as realistic, which is why I really enjoy scanning objects and either striping the texture maps of the objects i’m scanning or overlaying a mesh onto it. An added bonus that Cappy has is being able to incorporate your scans into augmented reality where you can see the object floating in a real life setting via your camera's image sensor. Im hoping that I can soon build a new operating system that will let me explore photo scanning as my current OS isn’t fully capable of modeling and rendering at a high volume rate.

Intimate Aphorisims May 23 ,2018
Pleased to announced that two woven pieces  from my Interwoven series will be exhibiting in an upcoming group show. Please join me June 1st for the opening reception.

INTIMATE APHORISMS: An Anthology of Queer Latinx Narratives. “Intimate Aphorisms" presents a journey into the lives of 15 artists and their uninhibited and instinctive expressions of individuality. The exhibition displays an intimate relationship between the artists and their subjects that ranges from identity, family, desire, displacement, faith, and body image. The artists execute their personal work with a distinctive and palpable approach by re-interpreting imagery and symbolisms drawn from (but not limited to) religious iconography, quilting techniques, self-portraiture, and poetry. "Personal Aphorisms" showcases artists' innate desire to reflect their own truth, on their own terms.Exhibition info: MCCLA Main Gallery second floor
Exhibit dates: June 1, 2018- June 30, 2018 Opening reception June 1, 2018. 6:30pm-9pm $5 admission fee

A New Moon May 15,  2018
At 28 years old, I never really thought about the what my life would look like at this point. I had goals and ideas about what I wanted to achieve but never had a finite picture. At 28, i'm living in San Francisco, working both for at a 3d scanning photo studio and also attempting to build a career out of my art practice.A little bit about me:
I was born in Los Angeles California, in the Echo Park district to Mexican born parents. I was the first born to very young parents who really were not ready for me to be apart of their lives. To make due, my father made partners with his brother and together they started a clothing production manufacturing business. They specialized in RTW outerwear for department stores like montgomery wards,sears and several others. I grew up running around the factory as the sewing machines roared all day. An assembly line of workers each specializing in one part of a single garment. This had a huge impact on me and my current interest. Manufacturing was a family affair. My father and his brother had their factory, My godparents who resided in oakland also owned their own specializing in hotel amenities such as bathrobes and towels and my aunt also produced RTW. Textiles became very interesting to me. Each different factory containing different fabrics with distinct textures and prints, all ending up in our home at some point in time.
Years went my and our family grew, 3 more siblings came and unfortunately with the shift in manufacturing and outsourcing to cheaper countries my family's business was closed. At about 10 years old my godmother gave me a camera during a weekend visit. It was a green, Kodak Advantix with my first roll of 35mm film. I shot the whole roll during that weekend at their place in Oakland. That was the first time I experienced taking pictures and where I believe my love of photography began. When we came back home, I wanted to continue taking pictures and I found the family polaroid camera could do that without having to wait for my film to be developed. I found myself demanding I take the family pictures and never let anyone else use it really. I still own that camera.
In 2002 my family relocated me and my 3 siblings the city of Riverbank,a rural part of central california. There I was, an angsty teen who didn't really understand why we made the move from the big city of angels to the city of no action. I suppressed  a lot of my emotions and interest then because I didn't feel like myself anymore but does anyone at that age? Some years passed, I grew into my new environment, Came Out to my friends in High School, Came out to my parents, graduated High School and ventured off on my own. I called a few places home to finally settle in San Francisco to pursue a college education and where i've been residing for almost a decade.
I've begun this journal to try and attempt to bring my analog documentation process into virtual space. Journaling is where my work begins as a sketch or series of coded words and phrases. Once these ideas are put together in one place, I can begin to hone in on a topic,research it, source ideas and materials to create. In short that's how I work
I also want to create a better structure around all of the things that involve my creative and interdisciplinary practice. My work mainly deals with identity and the various materials I choose to work with all help me convey those thoughts. I'm an admire of history and I see this a a way to preserve my ideas and feelings in real time. Will anyone care? Who knows but i'm willing to put myself out here in hopes that someone will feel the same way and help them on their own path.