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Saturday, September 30
Silver Threads a Lumen Photography Workshop

Lumen Photography workshop led by photographer & conceptual artist Hector Gomez. (Bilingual Español)
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he SalonFollowDate and timeSaturday, September 30 · 1 - 6:30pm EDTLocation
44th Drive
44th Drive vernon boulevard Queens, NY 11101Show
Hector Gomez is a photographer and conceptual artist exploring the physical and the ephemeral the organic and the inorganic. Gomez threads photography, technology, the ephemeral and organic matter into a common location - the portrait.

Participate in this artist led lumen photography workshop produced by The Salon at the QPS Block party.

What is Lumen Photography?

A solar photogram. An image created on silver gelatin paper using plants or other organic matter that is then exposed by the sun. It is one of the earliest forms of photography.

Workshop: 30 mins

A workshop featuring a short lecture. You will create your own lumen photogram to take home.

  • We will be working with flowers and plants if you are allergic please take note.
  • If you arrive in the middle of a session you will be grouped with next session.

Past Workshops

Anthotypes: Making Photos With Plants 10/30/2021, SoMad Gallery, NYC 
Participants learned about the early photographic Anthotype process of using plants as light sensitive material to create photograms of various leaves and plant matter on watercolor and injket paper, fabric and other various substrates.Turmeric was used as the agent for the light sensitive emulsion. This workshops was made posssible with the support of the City Artist Coprs Grant. 

Missed the workshop? Make your own prints using the instructions below.